About Verity DG Consulting

Providing Professional Expertise Unparalleled in the Aviation Industry.

Verity DG Consulting works hard to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and comply with the TDG regulations, while enhancing aviation safety and excellence through education, training, and subject matter expertise.

How it All Began.

Over the years, the regulatory framework surrounding the transportation of dangerous goods by air has gone through significant transformation, with further changes on the horizon. These shifts in regulations require air operators to have a comprehensive understanding of how to adapt and maintain compliance in response to these regulatory changes. Our company’s founder recognized this need and established Verity DG Consulting Inc. in 2021 to assist air operators in achieving and upholding compliance with these regulations, thereby fostering a compliant aviation industry.

Meet Our Founder: Miranda Friesen

Miranda served as a Transportation of Dangerous Goods Aviation Inspector at Transport Canada for 13 years in the Ontario and Pacific Region. During her career at Transport Canada, Miranda’s extensive work in TDG paved the way for several national initiatives including the National Lithium Battery Campaign and implementing TDG training to inspectors across Canada. Additionally, Miranda played an instrumental role in the promotion of aviation safety through co-chairing the Lithium Battery Working Group in Ottawa, speaking at the Unmanned Systems Canada Conference in 2013, and presenting at the International Aircraft Systems Fire Protection Working Group Meeting in Germany in 2014. She was also a conference presenter at The Helicopter Association of Canada Annual Convention in 2022 and 2023. Miranda is the recipient of 5 Appreciation Awards for her forward-thinking leadership and work as a public servant.

What Makes Us Verity.

The word “verity” is defined as: the state or quality of being true; in accordance with fact or reality. We selected this as our company name because everything we produce is rooted in this fundamental principle. Additional core values that define our company’s identity are:

Customer-Oriented Focus
Safety, Innovation, and Expertise in TDG.
Unmatched DG Manual Approvals, Training & Support